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Members of Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Ms D. Morton

Head Teacher

Mrs T. Meredith

Deputy Head Teacher

Mr K. Smith

Assistant Head Teacher CPD

Mr A. Van Dyk

Assistant Head Teacher - Primary

Mrs L. Pugh

EYFS Lead Practitioner

Mrs K. Pelikan

Assistant Head Teacher - Secondary

Mrs A. Higgins
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs M. Winiarczyk
ASD Lead Practitioner

Primary Department

Teaching Staff

Teaching Assistants

Mr M. Coyle

Mr D. Asare

Ms S. Flamank

Mrs J. Butler

Mrs K. Grujic
Ms L. Dogra
Ms N. Harker
Mrs C. Easton
Mr P. Ihasz
Ms H. Geary

Mr J. Kalman

Mrs F. Hayuddin

Ms K. Martin

Ms C. Holmes

Miss N. O'Donnell

Mrs T. Hunt

Ms H. Robinson
Mrs S. Jameson
Mr D. Ross
Ms M. Khan

Ms H. Seaman

Ms S. Khan

Ms J. Stacey

Mrs D. Lee

Ms R. Suppal
Ms K. Lee

Ms M. McDonald

Miss O. McGeever

Ms L. Mistry


Ms N. M'Ribet

Mrs T. Nagle

Miss N. Pallett


Ms F. Raja


Ms R. Sarai


Mrs R. Sharma


Mrs C. Smyth


Ms E. Staples

Ms T. Stavreva

Ms M. Szymczak

Ms S. Thawer

Ms K. Watts

Secondary Department

Teaching Staff

Teaching Assistants

Miss J. Cooper
Ms J. Adams

Mrs D. Devonald

Ms C. Berlin

Mrs L. Fernandez
Ms S. Burd
Ms R. Francis
Ms S. Dunn
Mr J. Gowers
Mrs L. Grist
Mr G. Hill - Music Teacher
Mrs R. Kaur
Ms O. Holota
Mr E. Lambert
Ms L. Lawn
Mr S. London
Ms C. Parker
Mr B. McSweeney

Mr G. Rees

Mr R. O'Brien

Ms S. Sung-tong
Mr J. Orvolsky
Mr J. Trevelyan
Ms N. Rogowsky
Mrs M. Winiarczyk
Mrs J. Spencer

Ms K. Thorogood

Ms M. Tomkins

Non-Class Based Teaching Staff

Support Staff

Mr S. Bere - Secondary PE Teacher
Mr Y. Akinsanmi - PE Teaching Assistant
Ms L. Bull - Interventions Teacher
Mrs J. Harvey - Counsellor

Ms S. Gray - STA, SCERTS Practitioner

Mr S. Kinsey - Behaviour Support Manager

Mr A. Griffiths - Science Teacher

Mrs S. Marklew - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms M. Hilliard - Media Teacher
Mrs C. Van Dyk - Data Reporting and Exams Manager
Ms E. Lucas Payer - PPA Primary
Mr M. Stachowicz / Mr I. Miah - ICT Systems Manager
Mrs L. McNab - STA Food Tech
Mr P. Schuler - ICT Support Officer
Ms E. O'Grady / Liam Belcher - Art Teacher
Mrs S. Thomas - Primary Learning Mentor
Ms N. Thomson - Primary PE / PPA Primary
Mrs L. Walker - Science Technician


School Administration

Mrs M. Baldwin - Senior School Administrator

Ms K. Foster - Finance, Fundraising & Marketing Manager

Ms A. Geraghty - Assistant SBM

Ms C. Houston - HR & Pupil Information Manager

Mrs J. Kapila - HR & Pupil Information Administrator


Ms L. Knight - School Administrator


Mr M. O'Brien - School Business Manager

Mrs S. Songhurst - Finance Officer


Site Managers and Cleaners

School Kitchen

Mr D. Chapple - Senior Caretaker

Ms R. Maycock - Cook

J. Gilmour - Caretaker

Mrs T. Ball

A Darby - Cleaner

Ms. M Wright

M. Lal - Cleaner


School Meals Supervisor Assistants

Relief School Meals Supervisor Assistants

Mrs W. Bateson - Senior SMSA

Ms A. Millar

Ms J. Blythe

Ms N. Mills

Mrs C. Ruddy


Ms A. Panday

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