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School Council Representatives

Our School Council allows all the pupils to have their voice in what changes they would like to see which would benefit all of our school community.

Members of our School Council are elected by their peers.

Each class has one representative who attends the meetings and passes on the information, ideas and decisions to the rest of the class.

Decisions made within School Council can, and do, have a real impact on the rest of the school.

The School Council chooses the prestigious Jack Petchey Award winner once a term and organise fun events for their peers.

The following students have been elected to represent the views of all pupils and improve their school.

UP1 - Muzamel

LS1 - Chardonnay

LS2 - Sky

LS4 - Katie

LS6 - Rebecca

LS7 - Amy

US1 - Halima

US2 - Awo

US4 - Joshua

US5 - Darnell

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